Fines lines and wrinkles

Medico-aesthetic of the face

Fines lines and wrinkles

A good needs assessment is essential to achieving the desired results. Thus, each client will be evaluated and the treatment adapted according to expectations.

Fine lines will be improved by retinoid-based creams, peels, photorejenuvation, and more specifically by treatment with a fractional radio-frequency, fractional erbium or by microlaserpeel session treatment(links for each).

Expression wrinkles found in, the forehead, glabella, geese, nose and chin will be treatedby botulinum toxin-type agents (botulinum toxinlink).

Deep wrinkles, which increase with age, appear as a result of the loss of collagen and are largely found in the nasolabial folds, puppets, loss of cheek volume and will be filled by fillers agents (hyaluronic acid link) or by treatments to stimulate collagen (Venus Freeze).

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