Fractional - Skin Texture

Medico-aesthetic of the face

Fractional - Skin Texture

Fractional laser and radio-frequency techniques are newer techniques than the more aggressive techniques of conventional CO2 or erbium lasers(erbium laser page link). Naturally, they are softer and give good results without having the disadvantages of ablative CO2 or erbium.

Ablative lasers vaporize the surface of the skin creating a complete ablation but of varying depth (superficial(Microlaserpeel link),moderate or deep) depending on the case. The fractional, whether laser(fractional link erbium and laser erbium en) or radio-frequency (Vivafractional RF link) instead leaves a certain portion of healthy skin which greatly decreases the risk of side effects, while decreasing recovery time. Naturally, these lighter treatments will be less effective but much more acceptable. They require only an anesthetic cream rather than a complete anesthesia.

We use Venus Viva in fractional radio frequency and erbium Icon 2940 laser in fractional laser.

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