Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal treatments since 1999

Enjoy our great experience in laser hair removal

A leader in this field, the Clinic has always offered state-of-the-art devices. Our seasoned team of qualified beauticians and our technologies allow us to offer our clients all the treatment options. Laser hair removal remains one of our top priorities. For several years, the treatments are done almost exclusively with laser devices. Intense Pulsed light, frequently used in photorejuging, is rarely useful in final hair removal (lasers are much more efficient).

Depending on the characteristics of your skin and hair, either technology will be promoted. It is also possible to combine appointment-to-appointment technologies, depending on your response to treatment. Our extensive hair removal experience combined with the multiple hair removal technologies available at the clinic are a guarantee of success.

Laser Diode Vectus and Lighsheer-Duet

5x faster and almost painless

The latest generation of Diode lasers, Cynosure’s Vectus (available in Brossard) and Lightsheer Duet (now available in Saint-Jean on Richelieu) are the latest technologies available in laser hair removal. They allow targeted areas to be processed very quickly (5 times faster). In addition, this technology allows for much less painful treatments. Their large treatment area (23 x 38 and 22 by 35 mm) ensures great efficiency and are a great advance in the field of laser hair removal.

The Elite two-mode Cynosure laser is an Alexandrite-type laser and an Nd:Yag laser.

Alexandrite laser is widely used for all types of hairs, but its great strength can treat fine and lighter hairs. Also widely used at the end of treatment when the hair become thin and less dark.

The Nd:Yag laser allows the treatment of any skin type including our black-skinned clientele. Available at our clinic in Brossard.

The Palomar Icon is recognized as one of the best pulsed light appliances on the market. Used in hair removal and photo-rejuvenation. Available at our centre in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The Sciton platform also allows for pulsed light treatments. Used in hair removal and photorejenuvation. Available at our clinic in Brossard.

Why should you come to Laserplus?

    • We offer all the technologies available on the market
      • Vectus and Lightsheer Duet fast diode lasers. These lasers combine processing speed, high efficiency, less pain and very competitive prices
      • Alexandrite laser. This laser is probably the most effective on the market for the treatment of paler hairs. It is used a lot at the end of treatment when sometimes the diodes are less effective.
      • Laser Nd:YAg . Allows laser hair removal for dark or black skin.
      • Intense pulsed light(IPL). Sciton BBL and Palomar ICON. Used , available at our two clinics
    • Qualified beautician in laser hair removal and photorejuvination
    • A strong team
    • No contract
    • The possibility of switching lasers in the event of a less effective response
    • Medical supervision
    • Two well-located clinics in Brossard and in Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu

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What are the possible side effects?
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