Medico-aesthetic of the face

Non-aggressive skin rejuvenation procedure



Chemical peels cause an exfoliation of the epidermis and thus induce flaking of the skin by ridding it of dead cells while stimulating tissue regeneration. This chemical exfoliation treatment achieves results, preventing the damage of free radicals, combating inflammation, and supporting the revitalization and structure of the skin, 

They are used in skin rejuvenation (photorejusion link) and allow the skin to tone. The skin will be less dull, brighter, the spots will be softened, the pores will be tightened by one or a series of chemical peels. It  lis also used in acne(acnescar link),)toimprove scarring and attenuated wrinkles. 

We mainly employ 

  • glycolytic acid peels; lighter than the 2 others 
  • Jessner peeling (contains 3 active acids: lactic acid for its exfoliation effect, salicylic acid that helps with skin penetration and resorcinol which helps in its anti-acne effect. 

These are moderate peels with rapid recovery. After the peel you will feel a slight burning sensation, a transient skin rash. 

Often used in addition with other treatments to achieve a beautiful skin rejuvenation effect. 

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