Medico-aesthetic of the face


Rosacea is the presence of fine blood vessels often located on the cheeks, chin and/or around the nose

These vessels give a reddish appearance to the face. Telangiectasias refers to these small reddish or bluish veins that are found in the facial epidermis but can be found all over the skin (the legs are also a very common site of these small veins).

Rosacea is intimately linked to rosacea and for some dermatologists these two problems represent the same pathology. However, rosacea may have an inflammatory component that requires medical treatment by a general practitioner or dermatologist (antibiotics are sometimes needed). Facial rash represents a variation of these features. It manifests itself in a redness of the face. This rash is often accentuated as in the case of rosacea, by cold, heat, hot food, emotions and alcohol consumption.

Ruby points are small vascular formations that appear with age in some people. They are found all over the skin. What treatments are available at the clinic?

The clinic offers several ways to treat these pathologies:

  • Intense pulsed light from the SCIton BBL (Brossard) and Palomar Icon (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • Nd laser:Yag
  • sclerosing injections for larger vessels

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