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Medico-aesthetic of the body and the face

Skin firming and sagging, cellulite

The Venus Freeze ™ device is used primarily for contour remodeling, cellulite enhancement, skin tightening, and attenuating the appearance of wrinkles. The Venus Freeze ™ uses multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields, which produce a soothing matrix of therapeutic heat on the skin. This painless treatment is used in areas around the face, neck, and body (belly, thigh, arm).

This technology uses radiofrequency and multipolar magnetic fields to induce tissue-level, new collagen formation, increased production of fibroblasts and new elastin fibers in tissues. This bi-mode thermal stimulation (multipolar radiofrequency and pulsed magnetic fields) will result in a natural restoration response of the treated areas. This remodeling and new collagen will cause a tightening and firming of the skin, a reduction of wrinkles, and a reduction of cellulite.

Treatments are usually done at an interval of 7-15 days. Normally 6-8 sessions are required for facial areas and 8-10 sessions for areas of the body. The sessions last 30-60 minutes per area.

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