Treatment of varicose veins


Treatment of varicose veins

The clinic offers a comprehensive service for the evaluation and treatment of varicose veins… Whether for small varicose veins or small unsightly telangiectasies or for more severe venous disease-causing symptoms. 

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The necessary assessment will be slightly different if the problem is only aesthetically pleasing or if you have symptoms of venous disease (heaviness, pain, night cramps, itchingswelling, veins bulging) 

After filling out the forms on your medical history, you will be examined in an elevated standing position.  Following the clinical examination, a color screening echodoppler will be performed to eliminate a larger venous disease and check the condition of your saphenous veins. 

If abnormalities are found, Dr. Merizzi will then make a complete ultrasound evaluation to plan future treatment. 

If your examination is normal, then the sclerotic injections of small varicose veins and varicose veins will take place. 

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