Why varicoses veins ?

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The venous networks of the legs

The veins of the lower limbs are vessels of different sizes, which move the blood back to the heart. To prevent blood from coming downright, they are fitted with storied valves, with valves that work like valves that open to let blood pass up and close to prevent it from descending.

The venous system of the lower limbs is made up of two parts:

  • A deep venous system, composed of veins located in the middle of the muscles (deep). It is the most important network, carrying 90% of the venous blood. It may be the site of a “phlebitis” or thrombosis (the formation of a blood clot in a vein) or malformations, but there are no varicose veins on this system.
  • A superficial venous system, composed of veins that are closer to the skin and carry only 10% of the venous blood to normal. The saphene veins are part of this network
    • The large saphene vein starts from the inner face of the ankle, travels on the inner side of the leg and thigh and goes up to the groin, where it joins the deep network.
    • The small saphene vein starts at the outer side of the ankle, travels on the back of the leg and stops at the back of the knee, where it joins the deep network.

It is on the superficial venous network that varicose veins are formed.

As we have seen, the two venous, superficial and deep networks are therefore connected to each other to the groin and knee, but they also have connections called perforating veins, which when they are sick will cause the blood to flow back to the superficial network instead of the deep network, and will thus also cause varicose veins.

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